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Well that’s good news..

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So I am thinking that Facebook is great as a chat tool. I already have almost everyone I’ve ever known over there. Of course, I’m worried about privacy (yes, again). Anyway, we’ll get to that later. The web interface for chat sucks, so thankfully you can use an IM client to access your Facebook chat (for Windows there’s Pidgin, and for Mac OS there’s Adium…both free). All you need to do is install, set up your Facebook username and password, and you’re ready to go. No need to have Facebook open in your browser. They have some nifty features too like combining each person’s multiple accounts (e.g. Facebook, GTalk, MSN, ICQ ((haha! ICQ!!))…etc.) into one “contact” so they appear online to you as soon as they log in to any of their accounts….aaaaanyway.

I was wondering, though, if Facebook stores my chat history. That would be bad. However, I’m happy to report that, according to Facebook, and at least for now, they don’t! Woohoo! I need to enjoy this while it lasts 🙂

The other great thing about using an IM client is just that…you can store your chat history…locally on your own machine…with no one being able to snoop through it and see what you have been saying to your friends and significant other(s)….mmm…well that’s unless you have Google Desktop installed. Yes. We’ve come full circle back to Big Brother ^^…but that’s another story.

I guess I can live with Facebook for the moment. I think that generally I can have some control over what kind of information I want to share with…well the nice programmers and DBAs at Facebook HQ. I’m not comfortable with it by a long shot, but for now I think the upside of access to anyone I would like to talk to outweighs the downside…or maybe I just think I’m not ready to relinquish it yet.

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May 3, 2010 at 10:05

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